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A good resume will help you get you an interview, but a great interview will help you get the JOB!!  Be Ready.

The Practice Mock Interview

A practice or mock interview is an opportunity for you to test your interviewing skills. One of the key advantages of practice interviewing is the opportunity to hear direct and constructive feedback from the interviewer, something we don't always get to receive from interviewers and hiring managers in actual interviews.  To get the most out of a practice interview, you should know what to expect and prepare for it.

What do you achieve in a mock interview? 

  • Make sure your skill set matches your resume
  • Know what to expect when you interview for real
  • Emphasize your skill set
  • Learn more effective ways to answer different types of questions
  • Practice maintaining eye contact
  • Help you prepare questions to ask
  • Become more comfortable and confident during interviews
  • Have successful real interviews
An interview coach is trained to help you be your best when you interview.  Mock or proactive interview is part of the service.  If you need to fine tune your interview skills, you should contact a interview coach. 
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