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Sample job interview thank you letter

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Sample Interview thank you letters 

You should write your job interview thank you letters within 48 hours after you have had your interview(s).  In the thank you letter you should personally thank the interviewer for meeting you and if possible provide some additional information about yourself.

Your thank you letter should be brief, not more than one page. The letter should be typed using standard business format. It should be mailed promptly after your interview. Address the letter to the individual who interviewed you.

List areas that you can be a solution to the problem they need to hire someone.  State that you look forward to the possible opportunity and if appropriate, ask for the job.

Sample thank you letter format:

Employer's Address
Dear              :
FIRST PARAGRAPH.  Thank the interviewer for meeting with you.
Express your enthusiasm about gaining employment in the
SECOND PARAGRAPH.  Reiterate your qualifications for and continuing
interest in the position.  Include any personal skills you forgot
to mention during your interview.  Emphasize a particular skill or
accomplishment that would make you an asset as an employee.
CLOSING PARAGRAPH(S).  Briefly thank the interviewer again for
consideration.  Express confidence in your ability to perform well
in the organization.  State that you look forward to hearing from
the interviewer and give a specific date if you plan to follow up
with a phone call.
                  Your name(typed)

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Sample letter two

4321 My Address  Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

January X, 200X

John Smith, Hiring Manager
ABC Widget Company
1234 Interviewing Company Street
Charlotte, NC 28212

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you on January X, 200X at the INTERVIEWING PLACE. I appreciated learning about the challenging OPEN POSITION with ABC WIDGET COMPANY.

I am very interested in working for ABC WIDGET COMPANY because of your company’s team-oriented approach to providing customer service. I believe that my extensive customer service experience gained while working as a PAST POSITION for FORMER COMPANY and as aFORM POSITION for FORMER COMPANY would help me succeed at ABC WIDGET COMPANY. I was also very impressed with the training and mentoring that new professionals receive with your firm.

Again, thank you for the interview; I appreciate the time you spent with me. I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your signature]



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