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Job interview Etiquette

Interview etiquette is important for obvious reasons. Apart from helping you land your next job, it makes the whole experience much more pleasant for both parties. Check out the following tips on job inteview etiquette.

  • You must arrive early.  There is no excuse for being late for an interview.  Plan to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early and not after the scheduled time!

  • You should refer to the interviewer by name

  • Listen and be alert and interested from beginning to end

  • Be calm and confident but never egotistical or aggressive.

  • Use a firm handshake and maintain eye contact.

  • Project keen interest in the company and the interviewers; never act disinterested.

  • Be positive and confident - never get defensive at any question or comment at job interviews.

  • Don't ask for refreshments of any kind.

  • Speak of your accomplishments with specific examples.

  • Don't put down any former employer or colleagues.

  • When asking them questions, be sure to ask about aspects other than just money.

  • Try not to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom during the interview.
Follow these simple job interview etiquette tips and you'll come out way ahead of competition.

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